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Since its establishment in Shanghai in 2006, Tengyi Pace Logistics has mainly provided high-quality and personalized global logistics services for high-tech enterprises such as new energy vehicles, semiconductors, automotive parts, and biopharmaceuticals.

Since 2010, Tengyi Beattime has held a leading position in Asia in the global 24-hour door-to-door emergency logistics (including Handcart Service/On Board Courier/NFO) field. Our highly efficient logistics services have won the favor of over 1000 global customers with fast transportation and excellent personalized services, including nearly 100 Fortune Global 500 companies.

Under the operation of an excellent team with 17 years of experience in high-end logistics and highly strict quality management, the company's business has rapidly developed. Currently, its services cover more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, including 32 provinces in China, providing domestic and international portable transportation, domestic and international NFO, domestic and international pharmaceutical cold chain transportation, high-speed rail instant delivery, diagnostic reagent transportation, drug cold chain transportation, blood sample transportation, and clinical sample transportation, CAR-T transportation, protein transportation, dry ice transportation, liquid nitrogen transportation, cell transportation, cold chain drug transportation, refrigerated truck transportation, refrigerated box transportation, international cold chain transportation, international cold chain export, international cold chain import, chip transportation, automobile parts transportation, automobile parts import, automobile parts export, high-speed rail transportation, portable export, portable import, emergency air freight, emergency transportation, European import air freight, European charter flight, Europe pickup, Germany import air freight, Netherlands import air freight, Hungary import air freight, Belgium import air freight, Poland import air freight, Spain import air freight, France import air freight, Czech import air freight, Italy import air freight, Sweden import air freight, international air freight, urgent cargo air freight, ON BOARD COURIER, HAND CARRY SERVICE and other high efficiency logistics transportation products……



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